IPS Empress

IPS Empress all ceramic, metal free system gives Diamond Dental Laboratories the leading edge in recreating natural aesthetics due to it's applications in various situations that allows our technicians to use IPS to its full potential. The system Can be used for veneers, inlays/onlays, crowns, and is unsurpassed in quality and accuracy delivering amazing results for full anterior restorations.

IPS Empress has been used in dentistry for more than 15 years. And, its long-term beauty and clinical success are backed by hundreds of scientific studies. Diamond Dental Laboratories only uses IPS Empress genuine materials and have well trained and qualified technicians on board to take advantage of this wonderful system. With IPS Empress and Diamond Dental Laboratories, our patients can expect nothing short of amazingly lifelike results, that even in today's demanding world they are sure to please.


Why settle for old, dull and unattractive metal-based fillings ? Diamond Dental Laboratories can use IPS Empress to replace that dental work with restorations that blend "invisibly" right into your natural teeth. Called inlays or onlays, these small pieces of all-ceramic material are created in our laboratory to fit perfectly in place where cavities or previous dental work used to be.

Repair and Correct Teeth that are Chipped, Worn or Cracked

Small chip on teeth, cracks, worn out teeth, these all could be symptoms that cause our patients embarrassment to smile. Diamond Dental Laboratories and IPS Empress can change that. Depending on the results of a thorough evaluation by a dentist, the patients smile can be dramatically improved with IPS Empress.

IPS Empress Veneers

Veneers are custom-made, thin ceramic shells that are placed on the front of teeth using very
strong cement. They can be used to correct and treat a variety of dental conditions, including discolored teeth (severe stains; tetracycline), crooked teeth, chips, cracks, and wear. Because they are made specifically for each individual patient, veneers look and feel natural, giving the patients who receive them a whiter, straighter, more balanced and pleasing looking smile.

IPS Empress Crowns

Crowns, sometimes called caps, are porcelain coverings cemented into place over the entire tooth. They are used when a tooth has had large fillings, extensive cavities or damage, or is
too weak. IPS Empress Crowns can be placed on your front or back teeth and, because they are metal-free, you won't see a black or other tell-tale dark line around your gum line.

For perfect IPS Empress results, Diamond Dental Laboratories uses superior electronic shade taking to accurately reproduce the patients natural teeth colour and shade, giving our patients confidence in knowing that their smile looks great and above all, real.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any enquiries about our IPS Empress services.